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Jennifer K. Moshier


Jennifer K. Moshier founded Peaceful Family Law in 2009 with a desire to ensure the institution of family was preserved in times of conflict. She is one of the first trained collaborative law attorneys in Arizona and has successfully advocated for all lawyers to be able to use Collaborative Law. Jennifer achieved her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University and her law degree from Pepperdine University School of Law (2000).

Jennifer is licensed to practice law in Arizona and California and serves on the Board of Directors of Collaborative Professionals of Phoenix. She is a Christian, an entrepreneur, athlete and philanthropist.

Nathan Westover


Nathan Westover received his law degree from Arizona State University. Nathan was licensed to practice law in Arizona in 2016. Nathan has co-counseled several intensive trials involving high-asset allocations, child abuse, mental health conditions and other complex issues. Nathan has also had direct responsibility for or co-counseled several high-conflict custody and divorce proceedings. Nathan is a trained collaborative lawyer and has more experience with collaborative law cases than many seasoned Arizona lawyers.
  • “Jennifer Moshier’s professionalism, honesty, and dedication exceeded all expectations while handling my Family Court case. My opponent and her attorney lobbed a number of dishonest, unethical attacks, but Ms. Moshier never wavered, never allowed them to distract her from the relevant issues.”
  • “Where do I start? Paramount result is I have a relationship with my son which I NEVER would have had without Ms. Moshier. From the first call as well as throughout the entire 8 month journey which took us through two states (CA-AZ) and mounds of paperwork that I would never think one could keep reckless of but Ms. Moshier could find a missing comma or period in minutes. Her knowledge of the law as well as her thinking outside the box kept me utterly perplexed. I can personally guarantee that when it comes to results you will get more than you can ever ask for. A great attribute she also offers is her down to earth explanations of the steps she is taking. She keeps you in loop unlike some attorneys I have dealt with who talk down to you as “I know what I am doing no need to worry” a child is whom I am fight to have a relationship – not how I want to be treated by an attorney. Bottom line… if you do not walk away from a meeting with Ms. Moshier feeling you can overcome the biggest hills then you yourself must not believe in what you are actually fighting for. Ms. Moshier knows who I am and I publicly give her permission to give my name and number to anyone whom is on the fence whether to choose her to represent you as I am truly indebted to her for life.”
  • “I was recommended to use Jennifer through a friend of mine who was another Attorney and that Attorney said they had seen Jennifer in Court and she was excellent. They also told me that Jennifer picks the cases she wants to work on and she works as if she is a family member of yours…with all her might. I have been so glad that I chose Ms. Moshier to represent me. She has the personality you want who will fight with all her might for you and she has the passion in her to see your cause and defend it. There are so many Attorney’s out there who take your case but then are nearly impossible to get a hold of. Jennifer gives prompt attention to all matters and even has very qualified, knowledgeable staff to assist when you have a question. Ms. Moshier is very detailed and remembers even the smallest fact that pertains to your case, while she is very ambitious and authoritative, which are the qualities that make a strong Lawyer. She is very knowledgeable and professional which is a quality Judges expect. I can’t recommend her enough!”

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